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We offer you affordable and functional websites of high quality. According to our customers, we are characterized by high work capacity, punctuality, faithfulness, thoughtfulness, benevolence and determination.

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We are based in Shanghai (China), which allows us to efficiently handle requests you enter at the end of the working day and work for you while you sleep.

We have high integrity, are creative, and ensure that the work with your website makes good progress. Our websites work well on all platforms.

Excellent customer service

We provide top customer service; with us, you get a quick response to emails during working hours. We offer effective guidance in the form of videos and video calls. We aim to have an encouraging, solution-oriented, and positive attitude. With 10 years of experience, we have built up a solid technical understanding.

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«An unimaginable capacity for work and a loyalty you will have to search for a long time to find»

I hereby wish to recommend warmly. When I think of them, I think about faithfulness, a positive and encouraging attitude, integrity, creativity, skills, and up-to-date knowledge of what is happening with websites and tools for the digital world. As general manager of Betel Trondheim, I look forward to getting the opportunity to be a reference for them.


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The project made good progress has expertise in setting up and operating websites and is easy to work with. All requests for changes, small or large, were quickly taken care of so that the project made good progress. Highly recommended!


Else Kari Bjerva

Personnel manager in Normisjon

They are amazingly talented! has done an enormous job! Great people, really amazing. Grateful for them (and not just all the work they do) but it is a wonderful help at this time. They possess many qualities that are needed administratively in a church and at a Bible school.


Heidi Midling

Principal at the Bible School in Trondheim

Creative content of high quality

In the daily work we have at school, getting good posts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram has not been easy. It became a burden and often we were not able to post regularly. That is why has become such a great blessing for us. Highly recommended!


Bjørnar Strand

Head teacher at the Bible School in Trondheim

An invaluable help!

I know through their voluntary contribution to both the website and Their contributions to building our website have been of invaluable help. They have considerable technical understanding, are very solution-oriented, and respond quickly to requests. I can warmly recommend them.


Alexis Lundh

Leader of

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