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Betel Trondheim

One of Norway’s largest Pentecostal congregations.

About the project

On computers, the website has a vertical navigation menu that is always visible on the left side. This makes room for more choices in the menu. The calendar on the website syncs with Google Calendar, enabling people to add the calendar to their phone’s calendar.

Facts about the project

Date: 8. august 2021

The challenge

There is a lot going on at Betel and the congregation has members from many different countries. Therefore, they needed a multilingual website. Another wish was to be able to use the same graphics in the promotion of events on Instagram and the website.

Our solution

A language selector translates the text on the website using Google Translate was added at the bottom of the menu. At the top of the front page, we added a slider where the graphics from Instagram can be displayed.

«They have an incredible capacity for work and a loyalty you will have to search for a long time to find.»

I hereby wish to recommend warmly. When I think of them, I think about faithfulness, positive attitude, integrity, encouragement, creativity, skills and up-to-date knowledge of what is happening with websites and tools for the digital world. As general manager of Betel Trondheim, I am looking forward to being a reference for them.