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Bible Nerd Studies (The Bible Nerd) wanted to make his content available in English. A new website was the solution.

About the project

Lars Olav Gjøra is the author of the website, where he shares comprehensive presentations of most of the books in the Bible. He mentioned to us that he aimed to have the website translated into English. We are glad that we had the opportunity to help so that more people can have access to free, thorough, biblical teaching.

Facts about the project

Date: 1. mars 2023
Category: Websites

The challenge

The presentations on were initially only available as slides in PDF format. This makes it more difficult to display the information on small screens, such as mobile phones. There was also no table of contents or navigation in the presentations.

Our solution

We turned the presentations into Word documents and added a navigation menu for the headings. These texts formed the basis for the English translation. In addition, they give those who study the Norwegian presentations a ready-made set of notes that they can complete.

«They demonstrated expertise in practical solutions and also got the job done in an astonishingly short time.»

I am delighted with the work did for me. Not only was it a very user-friendly and beautiful website, but they also translated everything into English and made practical compendiums of the content.