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Faith and media

The old website was out of date and the organization wanted a new website in connection with its anniversary.

About the project

With over 30 congregations and organizations behind them, Faith and Media (Tro og Medier) works to make Jesus visible in the media. The new website makes it easier and more clear to find resources and get involved. The blog has also been simplified to three categories and there has been improved functionality for searching the archive.

Facts about the project

Date: 15. januar 2024
Catergory: Websites

The challenge

Faith and Media (Tro og Medier) conducts a diverse work. As a result, it can be challenging to convey briefly who they are and what they do.

Our solution

Three measures were implemented to make the information more transparent. On the cover, the emphasis was on presenting the vision and explaining why it is important to make Jesus visible in the media. An organization chart was used in the presentation of the organisation. The resources and opportunities to get involved were presented using images and headings, where explanatory text appears above the image if a short explanation is desired.

«The collaboration has been smooth and wonderfully effective!»

We have worked well together via e-mail and Zoom, and the delays are due to things that have happened on our side. are skilled at what they do and have their hearts in the right place. I appreciate the website they developed for us in Faith and Media (Tro & Medier)! I strongly recommend them!