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The new organization wanted to share resources and build a network of Christians in Norway that was equipped to share the gospel.

About the project

GodtNytt is an organization for evangelism and Bible distribution. They wanted a website that could spread the vision and support Christians and congregations in reaching out with the good news. The result was a website with resources for members and an online store where Christians can buy evangelistic material at cost prices.

Facts about the project

Date: 6. april 2021
Category: Websites

The challenge

The website is aimed at different target groups. Some people want to find a Bible verse that can give strength in a given situation. Others want to get to know the organization or become a member. Distribution of evangelistic material is also an important function. On the website, they wanted to make it easy to publish blog posts to inspire members to evangelize.

Our solution

The image at the top of the front page illustrates the vision and forms a smooth transition down to the news. The menus at the top and bottom contributed to a clear navigation system that makes the website easy to navigate.

«Thank you for the great website and cooperation»

We at GodtNytt have received good help in creating our own website. We have written texts and sent over suggestions for pictures. It was a great result. We are very pleased with the result and the collaboration. Changes are made in an excellent way and we also get suggestions for good solutions for the website. We also got our own online store which works great for ordering material. We recommend if you are considering creating a website.