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The Bible school in Trondheim

The website was outdated and the school wanted a new and fresh look.

About the project

With a limited budget and a need for a new, responsive website, For Jesus became the solution. The school is marketing itself to students in Norway and abroad. Therefore, they wanted both a Norwegian and an English website. In addition, they wanted help with the design of brochures, posts for social media and rollups. For Jesus has also assisted with advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Bing.

Facts about the project

Date: 26. desember 2021
Category: Websites

The challenge

The Bible School in Trondheim (BiT) wanted to build the marketing around the red bit (their logo) and the vision that starts with the letters in BiT: Build, inspire and Train.

Our solution

The solution was to always have the BiT logo visible in the top menu together with a button to apply so that the application form is always easily accessible. The promotion of the study programs was built around the keywords Build, Inspire, and Train. Since Trondheim is Norway’s most popular study destination, it was natural to use images of Trondheim in the promotion. has done an enormous job! They are amazingly talented!

Great people, really amazing. Grateful for them (and not just all the work they do) but it is a wonderful help at this time. They possess many qualities that are needed administratively in a church and at a Bible school.