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Don’t Take Our Word but Our Client’s

According to our customers, we are characterized by high work capacity, punctuality, faithfulness, thoughtfulness, benevolence, and determination. They say that we have an encouraging, solution-oriented, and positive attitude. 

The Bible School in Trondheim

«Such an immense help!» has done an enormous job! They are amazingly talented! Great people, really amazing. Grateful for them (and not just all the work they do) but it is a wonderful help at this time. They possess many qualities that are needed administratively in a church and at a Bible school.

— Heidi Midling – Principal

In the daily work we have at school, getting good posts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram has not been easy. It became a burden and often we were not able to post regularly. That is why has become such a great help for us. Creative content of high quality. Highly recommended!

Bjørnar Strand

Class leader at the Bible School in Trondheim

I hereby wish to recommend warmly. They have an incredible capacity for work and a loyalty you will have to search for a long time to find. When I think of them, I think about faithfulness, positive attitude, integrity, encouragement, creativity, skills and up-to-date knowledge of what is happening with websites and tools for the digital world. As general manager of Betel Trondheim, I am looking forward to being a reference for them.

Trond Inge Midling

Betel Trondheim

The collaboration with has been a gift. They have expertise in setting up and operating websites and are easy to work with. All requests for changes, small or large, were quickly taken care of so that the project made good progress. Highly recommended!

Else Kari Bjerva


The contributions from to building our website have been of invaluable help. They have considerable technical understanding, are very solution-oriented, and respond quickly to requests. I can warmly recommend their services.

Alexis Lundh has helped us with the whole process of creating a good website adapted to our wishes and needs. Through the design of the site and later when upgrades and changes are needed, they have always provided top service at record speed. We would highly recommend their services!

Ivar Hegdal


We at GodtNytt have received good help in creating our own website. We have written texts and sent over suggestions for pictures. It was a great result. We are very pleased with the result and the collaboration. Changes are made in an excellent way and we also get suggestions for good solutions for the website. We also got our own online store which works great for ordering material. We recommend if you are considering creating a website.

Geir Møller


For 6 months, I have received help from They suggested a page template and guided me through the process of developing it. I wrote texts and provided pictures that they added. They have sent videos with guidance when I have needed it. The communication has been good and I have received quick help when I have asked for it.

Ellen K. S. Møller

ArtByEllenKristine are positive, efficient, quick to respond and always interested in doing the job as well as possible. If they do not know everything from the outset, they are willing to learn and are open to input along the way. I have made use of their expertise in several ways, and I am happy that the collaboration we have will also continue in the future.

Eivind Haaland has served the youth group in Shanghai Community Fellowship (SCF) for 7 years. Throughout that time they have proven themselves to be extremely trustworthy and diligent in all that they do, including the advertisements they have made. They have had great ideas for the graphics and videos they made and they are always produced in a timely manner, having excellent quality!

Cameron Huckabee

Youth director at SCF

We are very pleased with the help we received from We wanted an attractive website with easy navigation and a functional application form. They set up the website quickly and well with a positive attitude. They are very creative in problem-solving and at the same time good at meeting the customer’s wishes and thoughts for the website. We really recommend!

Hilde W. Mbuebue


A while ago I got help creating a website. It was that helped me with it. On my website, you will find photos that I have taken and songs that I have written. It has meant a lot to me that helped me with this site. I no longer have to send music sheets to those who want to use my songs, the only thing they need to do is download them as PDF files on their PC, tablet, or phone. The website works well on all platforms. Feedback suggests that people find it easy to navigate on the site. It has become a blessing to many people and I am deeply grateful for the help 😊

Terje M. Koløen

Song writer

At GodtNytt, we have greatly enjoyed this collaboration. We got in touch when we were going to create a website. quickly take the points, make their assessments, and make suggestions that we consider. This is then implemented on the website. They are very loyal. THEREFORE: If you need help with setting up a website, my strongest recommendation is: Contact Then you will meet people with consideration, benevolence, and a sense of purpose for the project.

Arne Topland


I am delighted with the work did for me. Not only was it a very user-friendly and beautiful website, but they also translated everything into English and made practical compendiums of the content. They demonstrated expertise in practical solutions and also got the job done in an astonishingly short time.

Lars Olav Gjøra

Bible Nerd Studies

The collaboration has been smooth and wonderfully effective! We have worked well together via e-mail and Zoom, and the delays are due to things that have happened on our side. are skilled at what they do and have their hearts in the right place. I appreciate the website they developed for us in Faith and Media (Tro & Medier)! I strongly recommend them!

Ingunn O. Mercer

Faith and Media

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